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Many times I have gone into a situation and felt as if I was the only person in the world in the same situation. It seemed as if no matter who I talked to, nobody was doing this same thing (Or they didn't want to talk about it).

I want to hear about that situation that you have been in so others can learn from those experiences.

I want to hear about the failures and success you have had with the technology you are using, or how it was implemented. Did your QOS policy work? Did your Wireless solution work? Did one vendor win the evaluation, only to fail when deployed, or did it work great.

Please submit your story to me so we can all learn from your experience. Please add your name, title, certifications, education etc. You can add your LinkedIn profile link if you like.

**Do not include anything in your writing that will release any private information about the company that you are/were working for when you had this experience. You may consider running the writing past your security department before submitting it to make sure they are ok with you writing it.

Thank you

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