My PC is only connecting at 1mbps to my 802.11N network???

Not getting fast connection speeds on your 802.11N network.

I found that my computer would only connect to my 802.11N network at 1mbps and run super slow. It didn’t matter where I was, or how close I was to an access point, it was always 1mbps.

After some research I found that I wouldn’t connect to an access point that was close to me, it was far away.

To resolve this issue, I disabled the B data rates, everything below 12mbps. After I did this, I found that I my computer was connecting at 144mbps. The performance was greatly increased.

The one concern to watch out for is if there are any B only clients. If you have any B only Clients, they will not be able to connect to the network. You may want to leave 11mbps enabled for those B only clients.

Have any of you run into this same issue? Did you do the same thing to resolve the issue?

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