Link up down traps (SNMP) sent even when you told the switch not to send them

In an environment where you do NOT want to receive an SNMP trap every time a PC is turned on and off, you can add the following command to the Cisco Switch interface to prevent those traps. “no snmp trap link-status” Add it to every interface that you don’t want the trap from.

I had a case where no snmp trap link-status didn’t stop the snmp traps. After looking into the issue, I found that there was an SNMP statement converting all syslog into SNMP Traps. The following command snmp-server enable traps syslog was sending syslog events to the monitoring server via SNMP Traps. To resolve this, issue the following command to remove it no snmp-server enable traps syslog

Has anybody else been affected by this?

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