Cisco’s wireless controller systems

Cisco has management software called “Wireless Control System” (WCS). This server based software manages wireless controllers and their Access Points.

Cisco then changed the name of this software to “Cisco Prime Network Control System” (NCS).

After version 1.1 of NCS, Cisco changed the name again, it is now “Cisco Prime Infrastructure”. Cisco Prime Infrastructure continues the version numbers starting at version 1.2.

When I received my NCS appliance I checked to make sure I had the latest version of software. NCS ended at version 1.1 and I thought I was at the latest revision. I found that I was not able to get NCS 1.1 to manage a controller running 7.3 software. I found out from my Cisco Account Team that NCS 1.1 was not compatible with WLC version 7.3 and that I needed to upgrade to 1.2. I then learned that I was NOT on the latest version and that the name changed. Nothing on the website where I checked for NCS software told me to look some other place, that was disappointing.

I did find out that you cannot export your data from WCS and import it into Cisco Prime Infrastructure 1.2. You can only migrate (import) WCS data into NCS 1.x. This left me discovering a lot of controllers and recreating all of my templates.

If you move from WCS to NCS, export your database from WCS into NCS 1.x, then upgrade to Infrastructure 1.2. WCS and NCS have the same look and feel. Infrastructure is completely different, for now, you can use the “legacy view” to get the WCS look and feel back.

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