Things the previous staff did before you

I have gone into many different locations to find really odd things people have done with network gear that really surprise me. Some times there are valid reasons why things are done the way they are, other times, I think it’s just poor choices.

One facility I went into didn’t have the racks mounted to the floor. The person used Velcro to secure the rack to the rack next to it.

One of my first tasks at a new company was to find a particular switch. The entire networking staff had left and everybody was new and they couldn’t find this specific switch. After using the ARP and MAC table, I found the port it was connected to; then started tracing the cable. After pulling up multiple floor tiles in the data center, I found it. It was on the floor under the raised floor in the data center.

I was sent to a facility to troubleshoot some wireless issues. I was told that all of the AP’s inside the facility were Cisco 1252’s. I found multiple models of old Cisco AP’s with multiple external Omni directional antenna’s. After asking some questions, I found out that all of the old wireless equipment was Motorola Symble equipment…. Nobody knew how the old Cisco AP’s got there????

I went into a my wife’s office building and they had a network rack on wheels. The rack had a clear plastic door on the front so I could see all of the network gear in it. I thought this was pretty nice to show off their gear to the people. The best part was that there was no cable management and cables went everywhere. I wouldn’t want to be the guy that had to clean up that mess.

VLAN Naming, I try to name the VLAN based off of the purpose of the VLAN. In one business I worked for, the previous staff named the VLAN by color, so we had the PINK, BLACK, and BLUE VLAN. We never did figure out what the Pink VLAN was for.

What odd, strange or stupid things have you run across and had to fix?

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