Preparing for the Brocade BCNP Exam

I recently passed the Brocade Certified Network Professional (BCNP) exam. The BCNP is Brocade’s professional level Route/Switch certification exam.

Unlike Cisco, Brocade has not written study guides that can easily be purchased. Instead Brocade has published all of the information that you need to know in order to pass this exam for free. I found it refreshing not having to spend money on the study material. Even though the study material didn’t have a financial cost, I did find it to be a bit frustrating to pull it all together. With a bit of effort I was able to pull together all of the required materials. To reduce the frustration for you, I have listed the material below.

Here is the list of documents that I used.

BCNP Exam topics
BCNP Nutshell Guide (Your Main Study Guide)
Brocade Primer IP eBook
BCNP Extended Study Material (Once on page, scroll down for BCNP)
BCNP Practice Questions

When reading the IP Primer ebook, I only read the sections that covered the topics listed in the BCNP Exam Topics page.

The BCNP Extended Study Material site lists a handful of documents and page numbers to read.

For IPv6 knowledge, I used the Brocade IPv6 Fundamentals Web-Based Training. You can access this free IPv6 training after you log into, Click on “my education” –> “Brocade Training Portal”. You will find a section titled “Web-Based Training Search” Search for “IPv6 Fundamentals” and you will find the IPv6 Fundamentals web-based training.

If you are interested in attending an instructor led class you can search date and locations for the CNP 300 on the Brocade Web Site.

Overall I was a bit frustrated with all of the study material in multiple locations. I never really felt like I knew how in-depth I needed to know each topic or protocol. As I read through each document I would take notes in a notebook to review later.

The Exam Topics page was a very good reflection of what was covered on the exam for the Layer 2 and routing protocols. I was a bit confused on what “maintenance tasks” and “troubleshoot typical network problems” really included in the eyes of Brocade.

The BCNP 2012 exam was a straightforward exam. All of the questions were very clear on what they were asking. I didn’t feel like there were any trick questions. 90 minutes was allowed for 60 questions with a passing score of 60%. I do feel like the 60% passing score is low, but the test was not easy and if you are not well prepared, it would not be hard to fail.

If you are aware of other documents that would help with studying for this exam please reply and list them!!!
Please share your opinion of the exam if you have taken it!!!

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2 thoughts on “Preparing for the Brocade BCNP Exam

  1. Can you believe you are the only page I have found on this topic? Very odd. Anyhow, I’m glad you blogged about your experience because I need to take my BCNP within the next two weeks. I took the BCNE about 9 months ago, and just finished up my CCNP about a month ago. Do the BCNP will be a problem? I have gone through all the material you recommended, but like you said, I’m not sure how “in depth” the test actually goes? Are these topics more of on the superficial level or do they use Cisco Style in-depth testing.

    Thanks for any additional insight you can provide.

    • David

      If you have experience with the equipment and have gone over all of the material you will do fine. I believe I read it somewhere that Brocade stated there are no trick questions and I would agree.

      The style of the BCNP is the about the same as the BCNE.

      After you take the exam, please share your experience with us. Just keep in mind not to share anything that would violate the agreement that you will agree to before taking the exam!

      Good luck!

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