Cisco Prime Infrastructure does not update quickly after making changes to an access point.

For the past few of years I have been told that I should make all of my changes to my wireless controllers through WCS, now called Prime Infrastructure (PI). I have have been very reluctant to do this because some tasks were not possible in PI and others are simply easier to do on the controller.

In an effort to use PI more, I started configuring new access points (AP) through PI. I would find the new AP by the MAC, then change the name, IP address, AP Group, etc… This would cause the AP to reboot. After the reboot, I would wait and wait, and wait for PI to tell me the AP was online. In the time I was waiting, I would go into the controller and find that the AP had been online for 3-5 minutes, yet PI still showed it as down and not registered. I would force PI to pull the configuration on the controller, then it would display the correct AP status.

This was very frustrating to me, Why doesn’t PI know that the AP is back up? PI just reset the AP, so Why doesn’t it pole the controller for that AP’s status?

The fix to this issue is a simple check box. If you go to the controller, under MANAGEMENT –> SNMP (On the left) –> TRAP CONTROLLERS –> AP. You will find a check box next to AP Register. Check that box next to AP Register, then click APPLY. Don’t for get to save your config.

Trap Control, AP Register

Trap Control, AP Register

After you check this box, the controller will send an SNMP trap to PI informing it that an AP just registered. For this to work, you have to have your PI server as a trap receiver on your controller. To add an SNMP Trap receiver go to MANAGEMENT –> SNMP (On the left) –> TRAP RECEIVER and add it there.

If you do not have AP Register checked, PI will wait until the next scheduled time to pole that controller to find out about any new APs that joined or left that controller. In my case, it was 15 minutes. After making this change, PI knew that the AP was online with in seconds of it being online.

I hope this helps your experience with Cisco Prime Infrastructure!!!

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