Sep 13

How many clients can a Cisco 3702 AP service before service degrades?

I understand that the proper answer to this question is “It depends”. But, my goal is to find the number of simultaneous wireless telephone calls that can be made while attached to the same Cisco 3702 series access point (AP) and same radio A or B/G? I’m not looking for a book answer, I have already found the Cisco Unified Wireless IP Phone 7925G Deployment Guide. On Page 42 is states 13 calls at 6 Mbps, 20 calls at 12 Mbps, and 27 calls at 24-54 Mbps.

So what is the reality of the 3702 series AP? That’s my question. Using a Cisco 7921/7925 IP phone, How many calls have you had going on your network before people started complaining?

On a Cisco 1252 AP, I found that once I hit 14-20 clients running terminal emulation software, the performance was very poor. The clients were using Telnet and it took a long time for the users to login and get their first assignment.

What about running a telephone application like the Shortel client. This client is loaded on a smartphone and makes calls over the WiFi. Have any of you used this client on a Cisco Wireless network? If so, what APs and controllers did you use? How was your experience?

Placing my configuration aside, can you give me good feedback about your experience with these products?

May 28

Cisco Prime Infrastructure shows the wrong controller version

After upgrading 800+ Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers from Cisco Prime Infrastructure (PI) 2.0 I was left with about 50 controllers that still showed the old version of software. At first I thought that I had missed those controllers so I checked the box next to them and selected to perform an FTP download to them. After clicking GO, the next screen displayed their current software version and it was the correct version, When I went back to the list of controllers, it still displayed

I found that with the controller displaying in PI, PI would not push any templates out to those controllers. I believe this is due to the fact that PI 2.0 does not support any version below 7.X. I was able to delete the controller from PI, then rediscover it and it came in correctly at version I didn’t want to do this because it loses the history of what templates I have pushed to that controller. If PI loses the history of what template was pushed, you will then lose the ability to delete that part of the configuration on the controller.

The fix to this issue is in the Lifecycle theme. In the classic theme I have refreshed the config from the controller, but that didn’t fix the issue. You have to go into the Lifecycle theme, then find the controller under OPERATE –> DEVICE WORK CENTER. From the Device Work Center you can sort and find your device. Once you find the device, click the check box next to it and click the SYNC button. Once PI 2.0 is done with the SYNC, it should display the correct software version. This SYNC may a few minutes.

Has anybody else run into this same problem? If so, please let us know.