Dec 31

Replacing a Riverbed Steelhead

Currently I am in the process of replacing all of the Riverbed Steelhead 550’s in my network with the CX-555 model. I am trying to perform a like for like swap out. I’m keeping the IP address and the configuration the exact same. Just changing out the hardware.

At first I went through the GUI menu by menu setting it up. I found this to be a very daunting task. This method was a great refresher on the system. This was good for me because after deploying the Steelheads, I almost never get into them. After performing this twice, I decided my refresher was over and I was back up to speed on the interface.

While setting these up, I didn’t want to use the back up of the configuration because I wanted the management port (Primary) to be on the local subnet so I could access the new Steelhead and not have to get off of the corporate network.

In the GUI, there is an option to view the configuration. The configuration is displayed in a window as clear text. I found that I could console (or SSH) into the new Steelhead and copy and paste the configuration into it. This was very convenient because I could leave the local DHCP address on the management port for the time of configuration. I then went through and double checked my work in the GUI to make sure that the new Steelhead did indeed have the same configuration as the production unit that would be replaced.

Before boxing up the Steelhead to be shipped to the remote location, I changed the management IP and confirmed that I could still access the Steelhead with the production IP address.

This method worked well for me because I was able to test the Steelhead while I was still on the corporate network. I was only off of the corporate network long enough to validate that I could access the Steelhead after I changed the management IP.

What experiences do you have with replacing Riverbed Steelheads? Did you use this method or another?