Aug 06

Don’t forget to remove the fan tray screw on a Brocade SX800 chassis

When Brocade ships chassis switches, some of them have a single screw holding the fan tray in place. That screw is only there to keep the fan tray in place during shipping. Brocade does a good job of placing a yellow sticker on the front of the fan tray informing the tech to remove the screw before racking.

Recently one of my coworkers racked a Brocade SX800 and started cabling it. When I was in the data center, I noticed the yellow sticker was still on the chassis. I reached down and pulled on the fan tray to find that it wasn’t coming out.

My co-worker wasn’t pleased with himself when I informed him of the yellow sticker and the screw. He then unracked the SX800 and removed the screw.

I was glad that I found this before we had loaded the chassis up with clients, then had a fan failure. If that would have happened it would have been a lot of work just to get the fan tray replaced.

Have you have had to replace a fan tray that you couldn’t get out of a chassis?
If so, tell us about it and how much work and time it took!!

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