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Two Cisco switches will not connect to each other

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Two Cisco switches will not connect to each other

Postby admin » Fri Jul 13, 2012 6:57 am

When two Cisco Catalyst switches will not link to each other, I have found the following things to be the most common issue.

1. Remove the voice VLAN.
2. Both ports need to be configured for the same port type, Trunk, or Access
3. Use a cross over cable.

- We are so use to the switches linking up for us that we forget to go back to the basics when using older switches. Many of the older switches do not have the feature of Auto-MDI/MDIX and you must use a cross over cable.

- When connecting switches together, I always recommend using a cross over cable even when the switches will perform that connection for you.

Years ago I was using a Foundry FES2402 and had a major problem with this feature. It worked if the speed/duplex was set to auto, but didn't work when the speed and duplex was specified.

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