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What is Manual NAT or Twice NAT on a Cisco ASA Firewall?

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What is Manual NAT or Twice NAT on a Cisco ASA Firewall?

Postby admin » Fri Jul 13, 2012 7:20 am

Manual NAT is the same as Twice NAT

It is similar to Auto-NAT with the addition of adding the Destination IP and possibly the TCP port. Auto-NAT only works with the source IP address.

Example, I want a specific host to leave the company on a specific public IP, but only allowd to a specific destination IP address on a specific port.
Inside Host =
Public IP =
Destination =
TCP Port = 80

object-group network <source object>
network-object <INSIDE IP ADDRESSES>

object network <object of public ip>

object service <obj-www>

service tcp destination eq www

object network <object of destination IP>

Nat (source_interface, egress_interface) source dynamic <source object> <object of public ip> destination static <object of destination IP> <object of destination IP> service <obj-www> <obj-www>

***needs <object of destination IP> two times at the end

***needs <obj-www> two times at the end

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