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How to mark DSCP on a Brocade SX Layer 3 Code

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How to mark DSCP on a Brocade SX Layer 3 Code

Postby admin » Sat Jun 02, 2012 10:35 pm

How to mark DSCP values on inbound packets on a Brocade Fastiron SX running Layer 3 Code

Layer 3 code requires you to apply the ACL to the VE instead of the physical interface. If you have a VE configured, it will not allow the ACL to be applied to the interface, but will allow it to be applied if there is NOT.

Global Config

vlan 5
router-interface ve 5
untagged eth 1/1

enable acl-per-port-per-vlan ==> Requires a reboot

traffic-policy <name=QOS> count

ip access-list 101 bridged-routed ==>> You must add this command or it will not work!!!!
ip access-list extended 101
remark RTP-ACL
permit udp range 16384 32767 dscp-marking <DSCP #> dscp-cos-mapping traffic-policy QOS
permit tcp range 2000 2002 dscp-marking <DSCP #> dscp-cos-mapping traffic-policy QOS
permit ip any any dscp-marking 0 dscp-cos-mapping traffic-policy QOS

interface VE 5
ip access-group 101 IN

***You will need to write an ACL that works for your network and your needs. Make sure you have permit ip any any at the end***

dscp-marking = Mark the packet with the DSCP Value
dscp-cos-mapping = Use the internal mappings to map DSCP to COS values
traffic-policy = Allows you to see some counters on the ACL (Not very helpfull)

Does this help?

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