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SFLOW Versions for Brocade Switches

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SFLOW Versions for Brocade Switches

Postby admin » Wed Aug 21, 2013 12:53 pm

I had a hard time finding this information and had to call Support to get it. What are the default SFLOW versions for the Fastiron, TurboIron, MLX, etc..

FastIron SX 800 = Version 5 (In the configuration, you can select version 2 or 5)
MLXe = Version 5, cannot be changed.
TurboIron-X24 = Version 2, cannot be changed. I was very disappointed about this!!

Support stated that all other products support SFLOW version 5.
If you are aware of other default SFLOW versions on Brocade gear, please reply with that information.

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