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clear content hit counts on Cisco CSS

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clear content hit counts on Cisco CSS

Postby admin » Wed Feb 20, 2013 1:45 pm

The counters are per owner and per rule. To clear all counters, issue the zero all command at the config-owner # prompt. To clear counters for a rule, enter into the configuration mode for the rule and then issue the zero all command.

css11500: (config)# owner <owner-name>
css11500: (config)# content <Content-name>
css11500: (config)# zero all

This will clear all of the hit counters for all of the content under that owner. Below are more options that you are given in the CSS.

css11500(config-owner-content[GOAT-Owner-Content-HTTP.8080])# zero ?
<cr> Execute command
all Zero all content rule counters
dos Zero global DOS statistics
group Zero stats for all groups
ip Zero global IP statistics
ip-fragment-stats Zero IP fragment statistics
reporter Zero reporter statistics counters
sasp-agent Zero sasp-agent statistics
service Zero service statistics counters
state-transitions Zero service state transitions counter
total-connections Zero service total connections counter
total-reused-conn.. Zero service total reused connections counter
virtual-router Zero virtual-router statistics counters

Resource: ... c8e5.shtml

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