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What controller is my Autonomous AP connected to?

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What controller is my Autonomous AP connected to?

Postby admin » Thu Feb 14, 2013 10:25 pm

On an autonomous AP used for a wireless bridge you can use the following command to find out what access point it is connected to over the wireless link.

GoatAP#show dot11 associations

802.11 Client Stations on Dot11Radio0:


MAC Address IP address Device Name Parent State

0011.ffff.1c00 LWAPP-Parent GOAT-AP1 - Assoc

This command will show you that the wireless bridge is created from GoatAP (local AP) to GOAT-AP1 (Remote AP over the wireless link). It also tells you the MAC address and IP. This is a good command to use to make sure your wireless bridge is connected to the correct AP on the other side of the link.

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