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How to prefer a parent for a Mesh AP

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How to prefer a parent for a Mesh AP

Postby admin » Wed Mar 13, 2013 1:13 pm

How to configure a parent or RAP for a MAP access point.

From the controller use this command, after you hit enter, the AP will reboot.

config mesh parent preferred AP_name MAC

AP_name = The name of the MAP
MAC = The MAC of the RAP. The MAC has to end in an f.

For example, if the base radio MAC address is 00:22:13:0f:92:00, then you must specify 00:22:13:0f:92:0f as the preferred parent.

You can verify the command took by issuing the following command on the AP.

show mesh config

You will see that "Configured parent: " has a MAC next to it.

Resource: ... #wp1853035

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