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Why use RRM - TPC Version 1 or 2?

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Why use RRM - TPC Version 1 or 2?

Postby admin » Wed May 29, 2013 9:09 am

In Cisco's Wireless controller under RRM, there is an option for TPC (Tx Power Control). This automatically adjusts the transmit power level of the AP's. This is a nice to have feature when one of your AP's die, the other AP's in the area can increase their Tx power to cover the new coverage hole.

There are two versions, TPCv1 and TPCv2. Why pick one over the other?

TPCv1 = Better for avoiding coverage holes
TPCv2 = Better for avoiding interferance.

For more information on this, read Chapter 12 in the following document from Cisco ... g_rrm.html

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