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Cisco Wireless IP Phone Configuration

Initial wireless configuration for the 7925G IP Phone

  1. Download the driver from    USB-Install-7921-7925.1-0-2a.exe  (This file is just an example)
  2. Connect 7925G IP Phone to your PC with a USB cable
    1. 7921G uses a special cable.
    2. 7925G uses a standard USB cable to connect to the PC
  1. Execute the driver and install it
  2. Find the new LAN connection in the control panel of your PC, set the IP address of that LAN to (Any IP in that range, except for Subnet Mask of, No default gateway is needed.
  3. Access the 7925G IP Phone from it's web page from your web browser
    2. You will get security warnings, but agree/accept the application
  1. When you get to the web page of the phone, click on "Network Profiles" to configure the wireless network settings.
    1. It will prompt you for username and password. The Default username for a 7925G is Username = admin password = Cisco
    2. Then click on "Network Profiles", Then click on "Profiles 1" and you can configure your wireless settings from here.
  1. Fill in your settings for your wireless network, Don't forget to Click "Save"
  2. Click on "Advanced Profile 1" in the upper right, this will take you to configure specific channels
    1. I suggest you check ONLY the channels that you have in use on your network. Any channel that is checked that is not in use will only waste time searching for an AP on that channel and ultimately cause slower roaming.
  1. After you have your wireless settings configured, you can then access the IP Phone over the wireless network.


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How to use the Site Survey feature on the Cisco 7921 and 7925 IP Phone

From the main menu,
Press down to the “ToolBox”
Press option 6 for “Status”
Press option 6 for “Site Survey”